We help our clients implement best-practice operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, we work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients' most critical problems at the supply chain solution. We help organizations build competitive advantage through the development of sustainable, world-class purchasing and supply management capabilities. Our approach creates bottom line impact covering suppliers, production, physical logistics, and customers. We tailor supply chain management principles to the specific characteristic of the sector.

Our service offering

  • Supply chain solutions
  • Procurement Solutions
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Distribution solutions
  • Strategic Sourcing solutions
  • Business process management solutions
  • 3PL Solutions
  • ERP Solutions

Beacon’s Corporate Activity Toolkit

Beacon’s Corporate Activity Toolkit is used to assist trainees to engage with one another and recreate the ‘team membership issues’ that teams meet at work. These issues include; lack of clarity to objectives, ineffective communications, lack of mutual respect, low levels of commitment to the team, etc...We believe that team building is about advancing and managing team mem-bers’ potential in a way that achieves high performance levels in all areas of work. And success depends on mastering the attitudes, skills and behav-iors that enable team success.There are leadership activities to recognize different leadership styles, improve the art of delegation, motivate groups and develop performance. Some of the activities require participants to develop verbal and non-verbal communications skills.Many activities contain problem solving issues, these activities require the participant to understand problem identification and definition, planning, experimentation and effective execution. Whilst develop the skills required to do it in a team. There are also specific activities that deal with customer service and project management. We hope to use the toolkit for future courses.

About Our Training Methods

Training and development is vital to any business. Its purpose is to improve the performance of employees allowing them to acquire new skills, expertise and qualifications and enabling organizations and individuals to meet their business/career goals.One of our major strengths is that we recognize the importance of the different learning styles of our trainees and we adapt the courses to meet these different learning styles.Our nbsp;training methods are diverse and involve a lot of different activities and visual aids. We provide the trainees with the practical applications and skills alongside the required theoretical knowledge.One of the major problems we came across, is the lack of practical knowledge, skills and experience of the youth across Sudan. So, in 2012 we started the Young Professional Development Program (YPDP).YPDP seeks to empower young graduates/professionals with the essential work skills that will strengthen their capabilities, improve their performance in the workplace and enhance their eligibility for work.We have been working with key partners, who recognize the social responsibility we owe to our youth, and we enlist their help in promoting and enhancing this course.Some of our current YPDP trainees have been sponsored by our partners and their employers, whose aim is to improve the efficiency, skills and overcome limitations in their staff.Finally we offer many organisations, training, professional career development programs and customized courses to improve learning and optimize individual group and organizational performance.Such courses may be delivered at the place of work (on-the-job training) or away from work (off-the-job training) depending on the requirements and demands of our client.Our training is carried out by professional and specialized trainers  with the best and most recent  training material. We have received a lot of

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